Photo-psychic transference

The following is  a [Blurb] of a text+photo piece included in the upcoming issue of Papersafe Magazine [Issue #09: Other Eden, edited by Vivien Ewing]. More info at

The images shown here were provided as “direct proof” by a young person claiming to have clairvoyant capabilities. These are said to be sites of “future catastrophic events” and we are to keep these images on hold until such events are said to have passed, at which point we can make the necessary links and publish our findings.

Although there is an obvious flaw to this method (when are we to know the event has passed and who is to say that every site doesn’t become the setting to some kind of catastrophe before long enough?), there is the other thing to be discussed. Where did these images come from?

The presumed telepath states that they are of places in the Western Massachusetts area, since their abilities are confined to some degree to their present location. Moreover, they state they merely glance for about 15 seconds to 2 minutes into resin-coated photographic paper in a darkroom and then process the images via the usual Dektol treatment.

We have yet to receive word as to whether another has witnessed what could only be a claim of magic – claims of clairvoyance put aside.